Let’s shape the digital world, as it shapes us

I have a question for you:

Were you, like me, one of the million or so people that tuned in on Monday night to watch Martha Lane Fox speak at the Richard Dimbleby lecture?

Martha Lane Fox







If so, have you signed the Dot Everyone petition, because at the time of writing this there were just over 2,000 signatures still needed to hit the goal of 10,000.

What I really enjoyed about Martha’s talk was the fact that she used the platform to be ambitious, to be bold, and to make a clear call to action.

Martha highlighted digital inclusion as one of Dot Everyone’s three key aims. Focusing not only on government and what happens in boardrooms, but looking at some of our most disadvantaged communities and how education is key in making sure no one is left behind. As Martha said, “the internet is a global public project”, and if we truly want Britain to be the leading digital nation, then we simply can’t have 10 million people without the basic digital skills they need to be part of that digital nation.

Dot Everyone






Another of Dot Everyone’s aims is to make sure women are at the heart of technology; it’s staggering to think there are fewer women in the digital sector than there are in parliament. At Tinder Foundation I’m really proud to run an organisation, with digital at our core, in which the majority of the management team are women, as well as one of our programmers. Sadly I know this is not the norm, and that’s why it’s great that Dot Everyone wants to put women where they should already be – at the heart of technology.

I’m writing this just before the UK heads into the Easter bank holiday weekend. If you’re lucky enough to be having the long weekend off work – where no doubt you’ll find yourself using your phone, tablet or laptop – I urge you to sign the petition on behalf of the many millions who can’t.

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