Wow. From the first moment I stepped into Manchester Central Library I was impressed. I visited another English city’s central library recently and they said, with a wistful look in their eyes: “If only we could become like Manchester Central Library”. Now I know why.

The beauty of libraries – like all UK online centres – is their diversity; the frustration is … their diversity. However, that long list of things that some libraries want to be or that some libraries want do, Manchester Central Library ticks them all.

  • An impressive space, well used. ü

2016-04-07 12.18.19

  • A blend of old, heritage spaces and modern services enabled and enhanced by technology. ü

2016-04-07 12.08.19

  • A virtual archive wall, designed for co-use by young and old people together. ü

2016-04-07 12.18.38

  • A bustling cafe embedded amongst the digital archives. (Including all maps now digitised.) ü

2016-04-07 12.17.35

  • A business library and support service for businesses. ü

2016-04-07 12.11.46

  • A music library where you’re encouraged to be noisy. ü

2016-04-07 12.07.34

  • 3D printing facilities. ü

2016-04-07 12.11.24.jpg

  • Lots and lots of people using it. ü(5 million people a day)

2016-04-07 12.18.31

  • A media lab with a weekly session for teenagers to learn coding. ü
  • Drop in support for basic digital skills. ü
  • Human beings smiling and helping. ü

Our Digital Libraries Hub (#digilibraries) is becoming the virtual place to go to talk about digital inclusion and libraries. And later next month I’ll be talking about the role of community assets – such as public libraries and the community centres in the UK online centres network – in deploying digital to tackle social challenges.

In the meanwhile, if you find yourself in Manchester, do pop into the Central Library, as I think you’ll say “wow!”

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