Working in tech: the gender balance

Working in tech: the gender balance When BCS Women asked me to be part of their #WomeninIT campaign I immediately said yes. It’s a great and inspiring campaign.

The best businesses have both men and women in them, and the tech sector is exactly the same. I believe women should consider a career in IT because the work this sector does is important, it will be a big part of the future, and because we need female and male voices in the development of this sector.


Everything we do, particularly in the UK, is now delivered through technology, and if women don’t have a say in how those industries are run, then we’re going to have an unbalanced society that doesn’t function for everyone.

I hope some of the women that Tinder Foundation and our network are helping to use the internet for the first time can come and be women working in the tech sector.

I’m really happy to be joined by Jessica Scott, Tinder Foundation’s Junior Web Developer in the Women in IT campaign. Thirty years into my career, it’s really interesting to hear from someone who is just starting out, and her passion and enthusiasm for making good things happen in tech is infectious.Women in IT campaign






I hope you enjoy reading about both of our experiences in tech, and please do share them with anyone, of any gender, you think would be interested.

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