Get Online Week: The results

Well, the survey is closed, the votes have been counted and verified, which means that after a suitably dramatic pause (and possibly an ad break) I’m delighted to be able to announce that this year’s Get Online Week was…  a proper cracker!

The campaign – which took place from 13 – 20 October – saw 5,000 local events take place up and down the country – a Get Online Week record – engaging an estimated 80,000 people, and resulting in 50% more registrations on the Learn My Way learning platform in just Get Online Week itself.  That’s pretty strong stuff, and you can read our full press release here on the Tinder Foundation website.

I’ve blogged before about our fantastic national Get Online Week partners, but I’d like to reiterate here just how important grassroots delivery partners – like the UK online centres network – are in achieving this kind of reach and impact.

It’s their hard work that has made this campaign a success, and will continue to ensure technology can make a difference to Get Online Week visitors in the weeks and months to come. They took those paper leaflets and posters out and about, and started those crucial first conversations with new people and partners in their local communities. And it’s their energy and enthusiasm that is really responsible for inspiring so many people this October – the campaign was really just their vehicle.

I’ve always known that when UK online centres and other partners – both local and national – work together, they can achieve some pretty astonishing things. And Get Online Week 2014 shows that in action, with fantastic local referral partnerships, for example between GPs, Post Offices, Jobcentres and UK online centres, all supported by national profile raising from the likes of Argos, Barclays and TalkTalk, leading to a real, measurable impact in getting people to take their first steps online. I’m always proud to do what I do, but today being Chief Executive of the organisation behind UK online centres feels that little bit extra special.

Thank you, everyone, who took part in the campaign. Here’s to next year!

See Get Online Week it in pictures on our Storify report here.

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