Latest stats news – 5% increase in internet use in last two years

This is a very big day for data nerds like me who love evidence that helps us make great decisions!  Two big digi-inc reports have been published, telling us loads more about who’s online, how, what they’re doing and why.

Yesterday BBC/Ipsos MediaCT released new data that shows 11m people in the UK don’t have basic digital skills – meaning they either have never been online or can’t do four basic digital things (such as send an email or do a simple search). The 11m is broken down as 61% (6.71m) have never been online and 39% (4.29m) have been online but in a very basic way. (Media Literacy: Understanding Digital Capabilities.)

Today the OxIS Report 2013: Cultures of the Internet has been published. This report is published every two years so it’s a great source to identify trends in internet use and non-use.

My top take-out headlines:

  • Non-use of the internet has declined substantially during the past two years – 18% in 2013 compared to 23% in 2011.  That’s an increase of 5% in just two years.

  • Of the 2,083 internet users in the OxIS 2013 sample, only 34 own a tablet but not a PC showing how tablets are complementing rather than replacing computers.

  • Increase in internet use in Britain occurred across all age groups, life stages, and educational categories.

  • The most positive change was among the lowest income groups. This accounts for most of the increase in internet use between 2011 to 2013.

  • There was also 11% increase in use by the disabled.

  • Increased up-take by those without an educational qualification, and individuals who have retired, are also positive steps toward closing digital divides.

  • The use of social networking has plateaued at 61% of internet users (about half of the overall population).

The OxIS report looks at the breadth and depth of use across a number of new ‘user’ categories, with those who use the web the most recognising the greatest benefits.

I’m sure I’ll be blogging more about all of this as there is some great analysis coming out to read and reflect on!  Well done to Grant Blank, William Dutton, and the team at OxIS for their fantastic work.

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