Starting something new online – doing my bit!

It’s week four of our Start something campaign, challenging everyone to leave failed New Year’s resolutions behind and Start something online instead.

I just wanted to make it clear that this does mean EVERYONE. Including me! (I say with at least a little trepidation).

It’s not just about people who have never touched a computer before. This is also a campaign for people who know a little but not a lot, people stuck in a technology rut, or people who just love it all so much they can’t wait to try the next thing!

I like to practice what I (and OCF) preach, and it just so happens I LOVE starting anything new online! So honour-bound by our campaign, I’ve started to keep fit online.

Now sitting in front a computer may not seem immediately to be a good way to keep fit, but it really is proving surprisingly useful. Now there’s all the usual stuff about finding healthy recipes, calculating your BMI on etc etc, but now keeping fit online has gone mobile. It’s got Apps! And as we all know, an App a day keeps the Dr away. Or something.

Now my latest App is called My Fitness Pal (other brands available, I’m sure). Okay, we’re not that pally yet – in fact it’s something of a nag – but it does some quite amazing stuff. There’s all the calorie counting you’d expect, but it also helps you track your exercise, and attempts to motivate you to do more! I won’t bore you with the details, but I will share three things I’ve learnt since I’ve started:

1. 115 minutes of cleaning burns a frankly astonishing amount of calories (though it doesn’t get it any further up my list of favourite activities)

2. An apple only has 80 calories

3. And dog walking is considered ‘moderate’ exercise (My Fitness Pal has has obviously never met my Bob!)

These may not be earth-shattering slices of knowledge, but I’m learning, and one of the things that never ceases to amaze me is how much there is out there to learn, and how the internet can open it up to everyone. Whatever your hobby, whatever your interest – and whatever your level of skill – you can start something new online RIGHT NOW, that could change your life. It might just make me a bit healthier. But it might get someone else in contact with family friends. It might get someone else their dream job. And it might help someone else to be less isolated.

If everyone involved in and by our campaign learns just three things, that’s a lot more knowledge in the world. And if everyone who starts something online finds it changes their lives for the better – even in the smallest of ways – that’s the biggest of wins for OCF.

Back in the office, we’ve all been starting something new online – and we’d like you to join in too. We’re asking our centres and friends to take part in our fun film, which you can see here. Send us your Start something pics or clips via Twitter (#startsomethingonline) or Facebook and we’ll include them in our final edit! Just use simple piece of copy paper, and a phone.

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