My final Get online week tale

Get online week might be over – but I’ve got one final tale to tell, and this time it’s my own! I was lucky enough to be able to attend a Get online week event myself on Friday, alongside Dido Harding, the Chief Executive of TalkTalk – who have been a fantastic partner throughout the campaign. 

The event took place at the Oaktree Community Centre in Acton and I left the event feeling really inspired – not least because of a lady I had met while walking to the centre in the rain. She’d picked up a leaflet about the event from her local library, and was a bit lost so we ended up walking together. She’d been going to weekly sessions at her local library, but was struggling to remember what she had learnt from one week to the next, and her husband wouldn’t let her use his computer as he was worried she would mess up his files. She’d just moved to the area from Coventry, and was feeling quite lonely and so wanted to get online so she could email her friends back in Coventry, and her children who had gone off the university. 

She was the first to admit that she had a long way to go to become a confident internet user, but she was willing to walk 3 miles in the pouring rain, so it was clear she’s got the determination  – and the support is there from centres like the Oaktree Community Centre, and many others throughout the country. 

When I left her I gave her my business card, and asked her to send me an email to let me know how she had got on once she felt confident.  Although it might take a while, I know with the support she receives she’ll get to this stage, and so I hope I’ll receive an email from her sometime soon. 

This is what campaigns like Get online week are really all about, and I’m sure there are similar tales of people all over the country who have taken the plunge this Get online week and made the decision to improve their skills. Thank you to all the centres who took part in Get online week, and to all the partners who gave their support. We couldn’t have done it without you. 


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