“Goodness! I’m in a Digital Hall of Fame. I shall have to behave myself now”

That’s what Stephen Fry said when he was inducted into BIMA’s Digital Hall of Fame yesterday, and I was really honoured to join Mr Fry, and other luminaries such as Sir Tim Berners Lee, as a Hall of Fame inductee. It’s lovely to be recognised as a digital champion, and to be called “inspirational and influential”, but really I’m accepting this award on behalf of the fantastic people in all of the local grassroots UK online centres who work hard every day in helping people to use the web. Not only are these the people that voted for me, but they’re also the ones who are, without a doubt, doing all the real hard work in bringing the internet to some of the most deprived communities in the country.
If you’ve ever been to a UK online centre, or supported someone with very basic computer and internet skills, you’ll know just how tough a job it can be – and the wonderful people within the UK online centres network do it day in, day out, often without much recognition. So this is for all of you – you’re the real digital champions!

Thanks to BIMA and the Drum for the honour, and congratulations to all the other inductees. I’m proud to be in such good company.

Here’s a picture of me thanking you all last night when I got my award.  

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