It’s good to share – the third Social Digital research symposium

Yesterday, together with the LSE, we ran the third in the Social Digital Research symposium series which, as always, brought together a group of very clever people, and gave them the chance to talk about what they’re doing, make connections with others interested in similar things, and answer some important questions that will help us do things better in the future.

The theme of the latest symposium was making connections, and I think we certainly achieved this. I’ve called this blog “It’s good to share” as I think it sums up the feeling in the room yesterday.

Here are some highlights of the day:

As well as hearing from a number of really interesting speakers, who did the job of getting everyone asking questions and sharing, we also came away with some really solid answers to where we go next with measuring digital skills, and in turn how we know whether what we’re doing is working.  

It’s great to see the fantastic progress that these symposiums have made – just six months ago, we all talked about the fact that the ONS stats were no longer the right measurement, and now six months later (and after only three symposiums) we’ve got a clear plan of how we can measure things better – in a way which will make a real impact to everyone working within digital skills, and which will hopefully go some way to securing some much-needed funding to support it.

All the slides from the symposium are on the
Social Digital Research ning, and so if you’re not a member already and you’re interested in this kind of thing, I’d encourage you to sign up. It would seem a shame if our online symposium wasn’t just as lively as our offline one. Do go and have your say.


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