My verdict on ND2012

I’ve had a great last few days a the National Digital Conference, ND2012, meeting some fantastic people, sharing ideas and learning lots. We’ve all done a lot of talking over the last few days and so I thought I could better sum up the conference with some photos! In my speech on day 2 (you can look at the slides here) I described what we do as being about local + technology + scale, and I think this works pretty well for the conference as a whole!



Above is a picture of one of our star centre managers, Paul Davies, from Destinations@Saltburn, who won an award at the Digital Leaders Dinner on Wednesday. I said in my speech that it’s all about people, and that’s definitely true! It was meeting people like Paul who made the conference so inspiring, so congratulations to him and all the other centres doing great work in their communities.



Not strictly from the conference, but this picture is of me holding a Raspberry Pi in our office last week! It was great to meet Robert Mullins, co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, at the conference. and it really got me thinking about the new things we can do with technology.



The conference was really all about scale – bringing lots of local organisations together to share ideas and knowledge. The above photo is a group of our centres squirrelled away in an upstairs room at Old Billingsgate, plotting for our next campaign – Get online week, which we’re hoping will be our largest campaign to date, getting  tens of thousands of people online.

Thanks to all who inspired me at this year’s conference, and I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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