Getting Leeds online

Last week, I headed to another Yorkshire city to lend a hand in the Go ON Leeds campaign. The campaign was run by UK online centres and Race Online, along with lots of our lovely partners, to encourage people in the city to get online or to give their time to become Digital Champions.

A celebration lunch was held on Friday at Leeds Central Library, and not only did it give me the chance to talk to lots of interesting people but it was also a great way of showcasing the great partners who contributed to the campaign. A big thank you to Asda, the Post Office, O2, Leeds City Council and Leeds Library Services, and many more, for their contribution and for creating such a buzz about getting online in the city. It really does go to show how you can you achieve when you work together!

Another big thank you to Studio 12 who created this great video about the campaign which you can watch here.


I was even lucky enough to meet Greg Mulholland (@gregmulholland1 on Twitter), the MP for North Leeds, who you can see in this photo.



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